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Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University

means trust, friendship, respect and understanding created by students, lecturers and employees.

Since 1991, we have been successfully educating  young people, not only just teaching, but also making them believe in themselves. We motivate our students to use their own initiative and face even the craziest ideas. Both, WSB-NLU staff involvement and the ability of creative thinking, enabled many of the Alumni to make their professional careers. Open minds, flexibility and responsibility let them, just now, not only build their own success, but also have a real influence on the standards of living in the societies and countries, they live in. Highly-qualified faculty involvement,  as the guarantee of the high level of educating , resulted in spectacular professional careers of many graduates, nowadays holding some top positions in national and international companies and institutions.

Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National-Louis University is not only a rich tradition –but also modernity, what can  prove the projects created here:

  • School of Professional Programming  - educated over 70 top level programmers, who successfully use their knowledge, working for numerous leading IT companies, as well as in MMC  Brainville Technology Park ( for more, see: www.spp.wsb-nlu.edu.pl ).
  • DRIMAGINE – the first one in Poland , fully professional,  graphic design and 3D animation academy with the graduates working for: Polsat TV, Caoz Sudios (Island), Alvernia Studios, Lightcraft, Drago Entertainment, The Chimney Pot, Reality Pump, 3DE, i3D, Lunapark, Televisor, Aidem Media, Futro Film, Badi Badi, Artifes Mundi, Techland ( for more, see: www.drimagine3d.com ).
  • Cloud Academy ( CloudA) – educational platform – just a “revolution” in an educational system.  You can study from any place in the world, only on one condition – you have the access to the Internet. At the moment CloudA has 13 partner universities from all over Poland ( for more, see: www.clouda.edu.pl ).
  • Multimedia events – attracting the crowds of IT adepts, of any age. So far, there have been four  editions of “The Power of Information Technology” and one edition of “The Inspiration Invasion”- all of them attended by over 5,500 participants ( for more, see: www.pi.wsb-nlu.edu.pl ).

The year of 2014 was a great turning point for our university – we opened MMC Brainville Technology Park due to “ Miasteczko Multimedialne Project”.  This event seems to be a big chance, which can influence WSB- NLU development and give a unique possibility to develop the bravest projects.

A well-developed TV studio, animation laboratories, special effects, postproduction, virtual reality, the object materialization 3D, projecting room with the high-tech sound  and picture system, rendering farm and a huge server room, these are only  some elements of the MMC Brainville Technology Park.

We feel proud that we created this place- the University standing up on practice and adjusting to students’ individual aspirations.

The appreciation of the activities and energy, brought into continuous development of WSB-NLU, reflected by its top position in many rankings. The successes of the Alumni, the individual approach to each student and the quality of education create the prestige of the University, which is rewarded and appreciated during numerous competitions in Poland and abroad.

We feel really happy, being  able to create the University, that  fully completes the  mission of educating young people at the highest level and belongs to the group of international standard universities.  The University, whose vision is respected and notified in rankings and competitions, but above all, is appreciated by young people, who year by year join our “Students Family”.

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Admissions to Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University are done according to the order of receiving applications along with the documents, and within limits specified by the Senate of WSB-NLU.

At present, we are recruiting for a winter semester -  beginning of classes in October 2017

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