Alumni zone
Alumni zone

WSB-NLU places special importance on maintaining contacts and creating bonds with its alumni and facilitating cooperation among them. As a result, we have the best social network in Poland, covering all continents and we constantly monitor our alumni careers.

WSB-NLU alumni network is visible outside our university, when we leave the safe haven of Nowy Sącz and sail unchartered waters of the real world. It is incredible and amazing – it is enough to mention WSB-NLU and the tone of any conversation greatly improves.

The School equips us not only with knowledge but also with a certain way of behaving, thinking and experiencing the world. Meeting alumni somewhere in Poland or on other continents, we know how to communicate, how to build a special relationship with them. We go to the bank and find out that the Managing Director there is our older colleague, we read a book and see the name of our school mate, we watch TV and see our lecturer from Nowy Sącz. And we are proud to be a member o such a special community – a group of great people – WSB-NLU alumni.


Top WSB-NLU is an annual list of the best graduates of a given year at Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National-Louis University. The list presents people who achieved outstanding education results and who are the most attractive graduates entering the labor market. The list is published and sent to interested companies, and people whose names are on it never experience any problems finding a job.