Career office
Career Office at WSB-NLU

The aim of the Career Office at WSB-NLU is to support students and graduates in making their dreams come true, in discovering their passions and professional ambitions. Career Office at WSB-NLU concentrates its operations in the following areas:

  1. career management center (CMC) – emphasis is placed on helping students and graduates identify their own professional predispositions, good choice of profession and planning career paths. These aims are achieved through organization of training workshops and seminars, tests, support of a psychologist and career counselor, study visits of graduates and coaching.
  2. cooperation with labor market – through free of charge passing received job/internship/practice offers, presentations of companies, case studies, exposing companies’ information and promotional materials at our university or participation in contests.
Plan your career

We are aware of the seriousness and difficulties of creating an individual program of career development which takes into account the student’s interests and capabilities.

The fact that we are a small university allows us to provide each student with individual development possibilities. We polish diamonds – our slogan plainly illustrates our approach to students. Through individual approach and discovering students’ predispositions we strive at developing them effectively.

Career Office at WSB-NLU was created in order to support students in planning their career paths from the moment they enter our university. Numerous workshops, case studies and regular presence of the biggest companies significantly influence the development of students’ interests, while the possibility of individual meetings with psychologists, business advisors and human resources specialists strengthen their self-esteem and opens new perspectives for them.