Political science

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Political science

We did not create our program from the scratch – we modeled it on London School of Economics and Political Science. We believe that both politics and entrepreneurship are the key to prosperity of nations. To understand only one of them is to lose at the very start.

About studies

We want to teach students how to analyze the reality and solve specific problems. We differ from traditional universities: a lot of effort is put to make the knowledge we pass on to students practical and updated. Our main goal is to help students gain knowledge and skills that could be used in professional career.

We teach students independent, outside the box thinking, as we believe that this is the only way to break the prevailing atmosphere of impossibility and doubt in politics. We treat students as the people who take their life in their own hands. We discuss what is right and wrong, but we do not offer ready answers. We educate people who will not encounter any additional barriers when searching for jobs after graduation.


Students of Political Science may choose one of the following specializations:

Specialization 1st degree regular studies
media and social communication X
administration and civil service X